Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Missing the Miss USA QA

Last night I went to Australia Day.  Australia Day is hands down my favorite national day as a guest.  They have the best food, amazing decor, fun music, and it is friendly and happy, a lot like Australians themselves.

We meet a lot of interesting people and last night was no different, except I didn't know I was going to finally have my debut as the anti-Miss USA Ms USA.

A gentleman came up to me and asked me my feelings about the Miss Universe pageant.  Being a mother, a feminist, and a jaded consumer of television I did not put much effort into my response.

G: How do you feel about the Miss Universe pageant?

Me: Well, I think it is a sexist competition that has women seek approval from men to be the most attractive and poised and touts itself as a contest that promotes women when in reality it keeps women oppressed and promotes a sexist outlook on women where they seek approval from men.

G: Ahh, but, you know, you are wrong.  It is a wonderful competition that has empowered women in my country and can make great changes to the community.

Me: I think it is time we move on from pageants and empower women in other ways besides who has the nicest body and can answer a question with showing her pearly whites.  (I say this showing my pearly whites).

And down the rabbit hole we went until I found myself having this weird argument about a pageant I am not painfully passionate about and feeling as if I was Miss USA herself.  Sometimes my life feels like a 1/2 asleep 1/2 awake dream.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Why Can't I Quit You?

I has been six weeks since I last blogged.  Part of me is tired of this obligation, always having to keep the blog up and part of me wants to quit but I have eight years of momentum behind this blog and I can't quit...habits.

At the same time there are a lot of things I feel like I can't talk about and I want to blog about, that stifles me creatively.  I will say this, we love, love, love Malaysia but it is complex and fascinating.

This past December the kids had their end-of-2014 festivities.  We had a wonderfully nice long break where we stayed in town.  Instead of traveling we bought a new washer, dryer, HVAC, and heater for our house in McLean.  Sigh.  So we had a staycation.

I am not feeling wordy today so take a look at our last six weeks:
The Christmas card shot.

Family Photos at KLCC Park.  The Banyan tree that hosted a million mosquitos.

Stella in charge at 7.  Love her.  

My sweet amazing Tiger.  Love him.

My two kids.

I went to Chinatown a lot to pick up stocking stuffers.

Stella and her original Manila BFF together again, Batu caves.

Ate street food with friends.

Went to Merdekka Square

Saw cool stuff near Imbi Market

Drove to Port Dickson, gorgeous sand littered with garbage. Wuh Wah.

Don't worry my days at BYU prepped me for this moment. 

Went to science museums.

And cat birthday parties.

And had playdates.

And our eighth ceiling water leak.

Saw santa

Stella actually sat on his lap this year. Hi Bill!

Realized we won the war on Christmas when I went to a mall in a Muslim country and it was the biggest Christmas display I have ever seen in my life, complete with religious carols. 
The flood in the ceiling kept leaking for ten days until someone came to fix it.  The ceiling fell.

Went to Chinatown, again.

Spent time with this kid.

Played at our neighbor's house.

Did batik painting.

Saw friends.

Went to the mall with friends.

Had Christmas.
We fed Santa's reindeer in this household.

Lost a second tooth Christmas Eve.

Had an amazing Christmas brunch at the Mandarin Oriental.

My helper got this for me for Christmas.

Went to the aquarium.

Spent New Years with my family.
Rang in the New Year with this cutie in his PJs.

Saw our old Manila peeps and hosted them for three days.

Batu caves.

Ate fish head curry.

Street food with Seth.

Climbed our neighbors rock climbing wall.

Went on a boat and saw the fireflies.

Played with garbage and built a house using proper housing materials at Port Dickson.

Who needs a resort?

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Served with a Side of Christmas Gone Wild

The holidays are coming.  It is in the air.

This year I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for 23 people.  I started cooking on Monday and I ate on Friday.  It was wonderful to celebrate with our new friends who have become our Malaysian family. They came from New Zealand, Australia, and the Netherlands and all were tickled pink to try out this fated meal they have watched in movies and read about.

And what is not to like about Thanksgiving? Food, friends, and fun.
I finally got to sit at the grown up table.

There were seconds and thirds and fourths.


The special Stella and Tiger table complete with Tiger's Thanksgiving meal: sandwiches, of course.

 The next day we decided Christmas can begin so we went to the mall, which is like Christmas on crack.  Who says there is a war on Christmas?  I am in a not Christian country and Christmas is alive and well.  Dare I say, they go to 11 on Christmas here.  We decided to put up our Blue Spruce again but this year went rainbow.  I love that my husband allows these kinds of shenanigans with no protest at all.  He is the best.